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ChaneyGang Technical Solutions

ChaneyGang Technical Solutions
Technical Solutions

If your AV system sounds or looks bad
If you and your staff need training on how to use your system
You want a technology solution to your business problem

Bryan Chaney can help.

You can leverage Bryan’s vast experience in audio, video, lighting, information and security technology. If you need a consultant who can advise you on harnessing opportunities or solving problems across  a range of technologies, you are in the right place.

Bryan has vast expertise in audio, visual, lighting (AVL) and telephony technologies for:

  • Homes
  • Houses of Worship
  • Commercial and
  • Non-profit organizations.


Over 15 years of Enterprise AVL Consulting Experience including:

  • Acoustical design and consultation for optimal sound
  • AVL needs assessment, requirements definition, implementation, training, project management, service contracts


A Stewardship approach to AVL:

Bryan believes that it makes sense and is good stewardship to leverage a customer's existing technology as much as possible before suggesting rip-and-replace of equipment.  Most AVL companies send in highly commissioned salespeople to sell as much equipment as the client's budget allows, with little thought to after-sale training.  Bryan has worked with many clients who just needed some tuning or configuration changes and training with little or no new equipment needed.  When installation of new equipment is required, Bryan utilizes a clients existing labor resources or volunteers whenever possible to save money and give ownership to the client of a job well done.


Technology is ...well...technical, it does NOT need to be complicated. For a free discovery assessment give Bryan a call: 301-591-4435.


About ChaneyGang Technical Solutions


Bryan Chaney in Frederick News Article.

Bryan Chaney began his career after graduating from Penn State University. Bryan's success can be attributed to his uncanny ability to provide value to his clients through:

  • Clear Communication Regarding Goals
  • Building a Strategic Approach to the Opportunity
  • And Saving Time, Money and Energy in the Process

Bryan knows technology. You can leverage Bryan's vast experience in technology to create the solutions you need to move your organization to the next level.

Bryan consults a wide range of clientele on understanding and harnessing the power of technology.

Bryan's clientele includes:

  • Home Systems,
  • Houses of Worship
  • Commercial Spaces
  • And Non-Profit Organizations


Bryan is a highly skilled audio engineer with a great ear. He makes bands sound fantastic in any venue. Whether you are part of a small bar band or a full band with background vocalists at a summer concert festival, no job is insignificant or too big.


Bryan provides expertise in finding technology solutions that solve business problems in:

  • Telephony
  • Networking
  • Information Security
  • Biometrics
  • Sales Software Systems and
  • Consulting.

Bryan has sold everything from ball bearings to bicycles. Bryan is a successful entrepreneur, sales executive and marketing executive. Most notably, his expertise in the Customer Relations Manager systems, Salesforce™ and Dynamics™, will grow your company.


Technology is ...well...technical, it does NOT need to be complicated. For a free discovery assessment give Bryan a call: 301-591-4435.

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