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The “Swagga System” is on the way…

Let’s face it: Being in a band is hard work. If learning the songs, spending time practicing, and finding gigs is not hard enough, you then have to worry about the PA system. Unless you have big bucks to farm out the PA system to a good sound company, you are left with lugging lots of heavy equipment into the gig about 2 hours before, then you lug it all back out, about two hours after. There is no glory being the last, sober, hot and sweaty dude leaving the gig at 3am, after all your friends have left, AND you may even have a long drive home. If you’re a mobile church, it’s pretty much the same thing, except you’re setting up before the.

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When Sound Is Visible

Have you ever found it curious why so many people complain about sound in a church and so few people offer compliments?  I have been a sound engineer in churches since 2003. I have done sound for over 2000 church services. At one of my churches, we accumulated comments from the comment cards. Any comments about the sound were sent to me. When we had a “bad sound day” due to technical issues, or one of my engineers did not get it right, I was flooded with negative comments.  When we nailed it and got the sound completely right…crickets…nothing. Sometimes after a “good sound day” I would ask people, “how was it?” I’d get responses like,”Ummm…good..I guess..did not really notice”.  “Ummm…yeah it was good.” “Hey, did someone turn.

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