Bryan Chaney of ChaneyGang, LLC


Bryan’s personal experience navigating divorce qualifies him to help you. Coupled with his Divorce Coaching Certification, Bryan has clarity about the right and wrong way to approach divorce.

In 2012, Bryan made the decision that no one ever wants to make. It was time to get a divorce.  After 23 years of marriage, four beautiful kids, a nice house in the suburbs, and living a life very involved in the community and as a church leader, his very contentious, very expensive divorce caused deep splits causing damage to the kids and close friends. Under duress, Bryan left his leadership position at the church (the church he was instrumental in helping to build) solely because of the divorce.

He was devastated.

Can you relate?

  • Whether you are in a bad relationship just thinking about a divorce
  • In a divorce process already or
  • Have completed a divorce trying to get your new life going…

You need a partner to help you through the rough spots. The partner should not be a friend, a relative, or someone in your social circle.

More importantly, this person should not be an attorney, therapist or pastor.

You need a divorce coach.

You need a confidential, objective, third party skilled in helping YOU find solutions that work.

Bryan Chaney can do this for you.

Divorce coaching is a recognized practice by the American Bar Association

Bryan’s Divorce Coaching Certification is through CDC Certified Divorce Coach®. Certification completed spring 2017.