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If you are thinking about getting a divorce.
If you are ready to start your divorce.
You want to move past your divorce.

Bryan Chaney can help.


Having navigated his own divorce, he knows first hand the feelings, frustrations, and fear you are experiencing. Without any help, Bryan fought his way to freedom but not without learning many lessons. Like most divorcees, he wishes he could have saved his marriage. However, he realized that being in a relationship is a two-way street. Bryan is not an advocate of divorce but rather he is an partner for people who find themselves in a situation they never dreamed would happen. When the reality of divorce is evident, you need a partner to coach you on how to move through the process striving for the best result possible for you and your family.

Bryan has a deep desire to empower you to simplify, clarify, and organize your life to:

  • Reduce Conflict
  • Decrease Stress
  • and Improve Relationships

You have more control over your divorce than you think you do. Working with Bryan, you will get focused and reduce time, energy, and expenses. Bryan will help you identify your “best self” to get you through the divorce process efficiently. He will help you find resources that will be critical to you and your family to completing the divorce process and how to work with them to keep YOU in control.

Divorce Coaching is recognized by the American Bar Association with the following definition:

Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns.

In a coaching relationship with Bryan you will:

  • Identify where you are now and what your goals are
  • Learn how you can better control your divorce
  • Create an action plan to walk you down the path to help you achieve your goals
  • Increase the efficiency of the process
  • Reduce expenses
  • Protect your energy
  • Protect your relationships

The last thing Bryan ever wants to do is to encourage you to get a divorce if, you have not done everything you can to restore your marriage. He will also never encourage you to stay in a toxic, abusive and/or neglected marriage either.

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